Pre Coated Papers (Finished Foils) by Toppan Interamerica, we produce high-quality printed decorative papers that are applied to a substrate (typically particle board or MDF) then used as decorative surfaces to create furniture, cabinets, wall paneling, and interior fixtures.

  • GET: A sophisticated product with a strong synchronized emboss adding a subtle natural touch.
  • G-Effect: A product with a perfectly synchronized emboss effect, difficult to distinguish from a real wood veneer.
  • G-Effect (Premium): An innovative product providing a 3D dynamic look with synchronized wood pore design and a natural texture.
  • G-Force: This superb product gives the touch and sensation of a sanded real wood veneer.

Wall Panels
Interior Fittings

The decorative products we produce generate the look and feel of wood, stone, textiles, and other natural materials. Our design team travels all over the world for inspiration and this allows our designs to draw from global influences. Not only do we have existing designs to choose from our talented team can also develop a design from scratch for your project.