Toppan is an Industry
Leader in Furniture Designs

Our unique and diverse portfolio of designs allow furniture manufacturers to develop cutting edge designs while choosing a product that is cost appropriate for the project they are developing. Our designs are used on every piece of furniture from desks, dressers, tables and even headboards, we can create products that will fit your unique needs.

Our products can provide furniture manufacturers with numerous benefits, including durability, customized designs, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. These benefits make them a highly attractive option for any furniture manufacturer looking to improve the quality and the design of their furniture products.


• Residential Furniture
• Commercial Furniture
• RTA & Set-up Furniture


• Light Basis Weight Papers & Decorative Foils
• Saturating Grade Papers
• 2D & 3D Films

Explore Our Design Library

We have developed a large catalog of designs over the years, check out our design library to see  some of our recent design developments.